Warehouse Software

Inventory tracking, inventory replenishment, sales order management, as well as customers, suppliers, shipments, deliveries, order fulfillment - all in one tool.

Warehouse Software Plus Minus - Warehouse dashboard

Real-time view of all sales and purchases

Plus Minus brings together all the important sales and purchases data in one place. Dashboards provide a quick overview of key indicators related to warehouse and store management.

You work in real time with remote offices, warehouses and shops, regardless of their geographical location.

Collaborate with mobile devices using the Mobile Warehouse module.

Warehouse Software Plus Minus - Inventory management

Inventory management

You provide the movement of items using templates of the most frequently used documents.

Easily generate delivery requests using predefined minimum quantities or analysis of historical data.

Check the availability of items in all warehouses. If necessary, you can quickly make an inventory using auto-generated inventory or a mobile barcode reader.

Warehouse Software Plus Minus - Cash management

Cash management

Set special prices for each customer, for a specific item or group of items. Enter a trade discount in advance or directly at the time of sale. Work with separate item prices in each warehouse.

Track income, expenses and establish the cash balance at the end of the day at each store.

Successfully manage payments with the company's contractors. Track receivables and payables in real time.

Warehouse Software Plus Minus - Analysis and control

Analysis and control

Get up-to-date information on the best-selling items and the most loyal customers. Find out what their profit is.

Using the graphs, visually track the warehouse operations for a certain period. Get summary information about the performance of each store.

With convenient and detailed access rights, create user accounts, regulate their access and get information about their operations.