Restaurant Software

The Restaurant module is designed for easy management and optimization of work in restaurants, bars and cafes. The software improves the internal organization and helps for fast and quality customer service. You follow the work process from the acceptance of the order to its issuance.

Restaurant Software Plus Minus - Tables and Reservations

Plan your work

Custom menu - Create a seasonal, weekly or daily menu with ease. Enter details and set modifications for each dish or drink. Make changes to the menu at any time.

Tables and reservations - Visualize the location of the tables in your restaurant. Add reservations for each table and track their performance.

Restaurant Software Plus Minus - Orders

Fast and quality service

Orders - You select the items in the order using quick buttons or entering keywords. Add a note with the customer's preferences to a specific element of the order.

Kitchen display - Improve communication between the kitchen and the hall. Both parties get quick access to the entered orders and information about their status.

Moving - Have you marked an order on the wrong table? With one click you transfer the wrongly marked foods and drinks to the right table.

Payment - Add a discount applicable to the entire bill or only to part of the food and beverages. You can easily split an order into separate accounts and combine different types of payments.

Restaurant Software Plus Minus - Serving and Payment

More information and control

User accounts and rights - Create user accounts and assign access rights to each employee. Switch users between orders without slowing down the work process. Track the work of each employee.

Cash management - Reduce shortfalls by registering each cash flow. Get information about daily receipts and check the amounts by type of payment.

Graphical information - Get information about your most ordered dishes and drinks. Establish customer preferences for payment methods. Make a list of sales for a period and determine which are the days with the highest attendance.

Restaurant Software Plus Minus - Mobile devices

Working with mobile devices

Accepting orders - Automate the work of the waiters. With the help of mobile devices, they can take orders directly on the customer's table and transmit them to the kitchen or bar in online mode.

Order status - Waiters can see the status of order execution directly on the screen of the mobile device. This greatly increases the speed and efficiency of their work, as well as customer satisfaction.