Software for shops and retail outlets

The Sales module is designed to automate sales. Easy to operate, flexible and intuitive, it allows fast and efficient customer service. It is connected to the other modules, which saves time and goves information about the condition of the objects in real time.

Shop Software Plus Minus - Sales

Speed up your work with flexible features

Quick buttons - Add quick buttons with the best selling items.

Search for products and customers - Quickly mark items in sale using barcode reader and quick buttons. Enter a keyword and easily find a product or customer.

Discounts - Add a discount applicable to all items in the sale or only to specific products.

Corrections - Delete the wrongly marked item or all items from the sale with one click.

Invoicing - Save time and easily create an invoice to a receipt with a single checkmark.

Shop Software Plus Minus - Payment

Create loyal customers

Frozen sales - The customer forgot the goods? Pause the sale and serve the next customer. Continue with the sale when the customer is ready to complete it.

Payment - Let the customer choose the method of payment. You can easily combine different types of payments.

Delayed payment - Allow your customers to defer payment or pay in part. Quick access to sales history. Give your customers the opportunity to repay later from another store.

Return - Allow your customers to return what they purchased. Cancel the payment with one click and refund the customer's cash amount.

Shop Software Plus Minus - Control

Get more control over each transaction

User accounts and rights - Create user accounts and assign access rights to each employee, depending on their role.

User exchange - Switch users between sales without slowing down the work process. Track the work of each employee.

Cash management - Reduce shortfalls by registering each cash flow. You deposit and withdraw money with ease.

Closing the cash register - Get information on daily income. Check the amounts by type of payment.