Payroll Software

The Payroll module is an automated wage reporting system in your enterprise, applicable to all standard forms of pay. The software offers many functionalities fully compliant with the current labour legislation and the needs of your company.

Payroll Software Plus Minus - Employees

Ready to work without additional settings

Quickly and easily create the employee profile manually or by importing from a file.

You can create an unlimited number of documents based on ready-made templates. You have the ability to edit documents as well as create additional templates.

You receive the updates as soon as possible from the presence of a regulatory change.

Payroll Software Plus Minus - Salaries

Automated accrual and payment process

Automated calculation - Reduce your administrative obligations and the possibility of errors in calculating salaries by automatically calculating all accruals and deductions.

Automated posting - Save time and effort on posting using a predefined template with operations and automatic calculation of amounts. The operation is fully integrated with the Accounting module.

Automated file creation - You can easily and quickly create files to various institutions and commercial banks.

Payroll Software Plus Minus - Reports

Data analysis

Track the cost of salaries, social security, benefits, paid leave.

Plan absences and track the days worked by each employee.

A wide variety of reports on accrued wages, due and extended leave, check the minimum social security income, accrual of distraints.

Payroll Software Plus Minus - Schedule

Information management

You can easily and conveniently change employee data for current and past periods at any time.

It is possible to distribute the work with the program among users by setting different access rights.

Lock periods to reduce the possibility of errors and data changes.