Business management software

Accounting, Warehouse, Payroll, Staff, Production
all integrated into a single product
to make your work easier.

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Software features

Easy to install

You can start work in less than a minute.
Information about nomenclature, trade partners, goods, tangible assets, personnel can be imported automatically from a file.

Comlete automatization

Automatic entering of accounting operations using typical documents.
Automatic banking.
Automatic amortization of assets.
Automatic currency exchange differences.
Automatic closing of accounts and accounting periods.
Automatic fill-in of annual financial report and annual tax declaration.
Automatic assesment of advance payments, salaries, social security payments, paied leave, sick leave, night-time work and work during holidays.
Automatic accounting entry of salaries and advance payments.
Automatic generation of file for the National Social Security Institute, Declaration num. 1 and Declaration num. 6 for the NRA, social security payment orders, debit card salary transfer, automatic fill-in of Insurance income certificate and Length of service certificate.
and many other ...

Unlimited number of analytical groups

You can enter random analytical groups in debit- or credit-side of accounting operations, unlimited analytical levels.

Editing selected periods

In PLUS MINUS you can edit or delete documents and operations, regardless of when they were entered. If certain period has been closed, it can be locked, and no further editing can be made.

Reports for selected periods

Reports are issued for selected periods, no matter starting and ending date could be in different months or years.

Integrated product

Although PLUS MINUS is logically devided into different modules, it is still integrated and all operations are entered in the same database. This saves time and reduses the risk of errors when transferring operations between different modules. For examle, when you issue an invoice in a store, accounting and store operations are entered simultaneously.