HR Management Software

HR Module is software for management and administration of human resources, which complements the functions of the Payroll Module. The main functionalities are related to keeping a file for each employee - from the occurrence to the termination of the legal relationship.

HR Software Plus Minus - Employees

Automation of HR activities

You enter the information once - Once entered, the data for the employees' cards are visible from both the Payroll module and the Human Resources module.

Save time - Reduce your time to search for information on paper by building a complete and detailed electronic file of employees.

Real-time processing - Each saved document is accessible by all users.

Traceability - Create user accounts for each employee. Track the data entered by him.

HR Software Plus Minus - Documents

Document management

Forms - Prepare an unlimited number of documents based on ready-made templates. Create your own samples.

Business trips - Manage the dynamics of business trips and the money spent on them.

Punishments - Document the punishments imposed and revoked. Track the reasons for their imposition and cancellation.

Trainings and development programs - Create an electronic register of trainings and courses.

HR Software Plus Minus - Reports

Analyzes and reports

Personal data - Track changes in recorded employee data for current and past periods.

Employment - You display a real-time report on expiring contracts.

Social Policy - Track the social benefits provided to employees.

Registers - Prepare and maintain registers of employment records, accidents at work and persons in employment.

HR Software Plus Minus - State institutions

Suitable for state institutions

Selection and appointment - You follow the process of recruiting civil servants from the announcement of the competition to the appointment.

Career development - Quickly and easily follow the development in rank and the change of the legal relationship.

Establishment plan - Track the occupied and vacant full-time positions by structural units.

Performance evaluation - Evaluate the performance of employees and make a proposal for promotion.