Construction Software

Everything you need for pricing, planning and reporting of construction sites. The module has a modern and user-friendly interface, maintains a large base of cost norms and resources for the creation of construction analyzes.

Construction Software Plus Minus - Cost

Cost and reporting of construction sites

Plus Minus module Construction makes it possible to prepare detailed quantitative and quantitative-value reports, design and estimate documentation, specifications of labor, materials and mechanization.

The reporting of the construction is done with Protocol 19, and a comparison can be made between the offered and performed work.

Construction Software Plus Minus - Norms

Database with cost norms

The module contains a large database with cost norms from the USN (Unified Accounting Norms), TNS (Labor Norms in Construction), REM (Repair Works) and SEK (Stroyexpert Consult).

There is an opportunity to create your own company analysis.

Searching for a specific analysis is quick and convenient, both in the entire database and in a specifically selected book.

Construction Software Plus Minus - Protocol 19

Construction sites and analyzes

Unlimited hierarchy of construction sites and subprojects.

Possibility for individual cost norms for each construction site or subproject.

Automatic generation of Protocol 19.

Unlimited set of accruals to construction sites and analyses, as well as to their parts.

Construction Software Plus Minus - Resources


Easily and conveniently display various reports, both individual for a selected construction site and summarized for a site with its subprojects.

You make references about the resources used (materials, labor, mechanization) and services by stages of work or specific construction projects.

Automatic preparation of a line schedule with the ability to export to Microsoft Project.

Construction Software Plus Minus - Mechanization

Pricing of mechanization

The module provides automatic calculation of machine prices depending on the acquisition prices, fuel consumption, electricity or other resources.