Accounting Software

Everything needed to manage the financial and accounting activities of the company in one place, from recording transactions to summarizing and analyzing financial statements. Accounting becomes easy, fast and convenient.

Accounting Software Plus Minus - Dashboard

Quick real-time overview of all accounting

Dashboards provide a quick overview of key indicators related to business processes.

With the ability to create configurable and custom dashboards, you don't need to be an accounting expert to analyze every component of your business from one place.

Accounting Software Plus Minus - Chart of accounts

Synthetic and analytical reporting

You start with a pre-set chart of accounts, with the possibility of editing. Enter an unlimited number of analytics to have the most detailed reports.

Automatically close the reporting period and transfer the data to the next. Minimize errors by locking the period.

Accounting Software Plus Minus - Documents and Accounting transactions

Easy and convenient

View entered documents and accounting transactions. Use different filters to get an accurate sample of the required information.

Track income and expenses (deferred or accrued).

Accounting Software Plus Minus - Documents

Full automation

Save time and enter business operations using diverse set of documents.

Send invoices to your customers at the touch of a button.

Set up documents according to your business needs.

If necessary, correct already saved documents.

Accounting Software Plus Minus - Bank

Payments and liabilities

Import bank statements automatically. Close automatically unpaid invoices.

Automatically generate a payment file to different banks.

Get information about your obligations and payments. Follow receipts at bank and cash register.

Accounting Software Plus Minus - Reports


Use a wide range of reports, with numerous options for settings.

Create a journals file and VAT declaration with just one button.

Streamline fixed asset management. Create a cardboard for each asset and track its useful life from purchase to full depreciation.

Display the required annual reports. Create a file for the annuals declarations.